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The Goods

Oh yes! The Goods. The reason why you are here at Wild Side Confections right? You want to get some awesome recipes to try out for yourself and perhaps your family. Of course we have those here. We also have more Pro-Tips and tricks than David Bowie had personas. We also have some sweet deals at Amazon and with manufactures directly on items to help turn your baking skills up to 11.

But The Goods. That is what this page is about. Chocolate. Vanilla. Cake. Cupcakes. Muffins. Cookies. Mousse. You name it, we got it. And if we don’t got it, we’ll get it.

Like the Ramones sang – Hey Ho! Let’s go!

Brownies and Bars

Cake and Cupcakes


Chocolates and Confections

Mousse and Creamy Desserts

Frosting, Icing and Glaze

Pie and Tarts

Cheesecake – Coming soon!

Cookies – Coming soon!

Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert – Coming soon!

Muffins and Quick Bread – Coming soon!

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