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As with any industry there are tools and items needed to get the job done. Artists have paint or brushes. Musicians have their guitar or drum kit. Gardeners have rakes and lawn mowers. Bakers and pastry chefs are no different.

Some items are absolutely required while some are not truly required and still some other items are just for fun. A guitarist needs a guitar right? But guitar pics and a strap just make the job easier. Then there are all the other fancy toys and extras.

Again, bakers and pastry chefs are no different. Basic tools of the trade include bakeware such as pans for cake, cupcakes and muffins or mixing bowls and tins, trays, and other items placed in the oven during baking. As well there are mixers and induction cookers and anti-griddles.

There are tools and gadgets such as a butane torch for Creme Brulee and bench scrapers and icing spatulas and scales and times and lions and tigers and bears… Oh my! The list is longer than ‘2112’ by Rush!

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As we said at the ‘About Wild Side Confections‘ page, our goal is to help you step up your game. We want you to produce the most awesome desserts. We want you to be the one people call when they need a birthday cake. We want you to be the one people invite to the happening parties and social gatherings and say, “Oh, and by the way, can you bring some of those amazing Berry Blue Shooting Stars JELL-O cups you brought to the baby show for Lizzy last month?” Of course you can because you are AWESOME! And you are gonna need some tools to get the job done right. Right? Right!

When you shop now at Amazon, I receive a small percentage from the sale of everything you buy right away. This happens at absolutely no additional cost to you. You still get the same low prices you always get at Amazon and it puts a few shekels in my pocket to help me buy beer supplies to make and share more awesome recipes and content with you. Thank you for the support!

So let’s get to shopping. Click on the image above or here and check out some of the items we offer through our Amazon Store.

(Oh, and get some new clothes too. You are gonna need new outfits for all the parties you are about to get invited to.)

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