Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies recipe
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350*F
  2. Cream butter, sugars and salt until smooth and light.
  3. Reduce mixer speed. Combine liquids and slowly add making sure to fully incorporate before adding more.
  4. Combine / sift flour and soda and fold into mix until combined.
  5. Add nuts and chocolate chips.
  6. Using a size 40 scoop, place dough onto parchment paper lined sheet pans. (If using a 12×17 sheet pan, use a 6×4 pattern for the dough.)
  7. Bake at 350*F for 10 minutes.
Recipe Notes

You can always make the full batch and freeze whatever you are not going to eat right away. Or, better yet, what I like to do is scoop the dough onto a tray, freeze the dough balls, then bag the dough balls and defrost / bake as needed.