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Pro-Tips / Extras

On this page we give you links to some useful information and tips to help make your baking experience more awesome and have the kids screaming for an encore!

On the Glossary of Baking Terms page we will make clear certain terms used in the kitchen specifically to the baking and dessert side of the house. Not sure what ‘mise en place’ is or if you need to do it? Wonder what a ‘double boiler’ is? This page is where you will learn the definitions and meanings.

Want to learn some baking secrets or some tricks of the trade? Stray Cat strut on over to Baking Secrets. There we will have a couple secrets and tips for you to explore:

We will have some links to various articles and posts such as “Why you need a TruTemp oven thermometer.” and “How to slice a cake into even layers.” You will find those links under ‘The Singles’.

Under ‘The B-Sides’ you will find an ever growing list of random tips and tricks to help build your baking skills. In fact, these handy little pieces of advise will help you rock in the kitchen regardless of what you are preparing. And since the list is constantly growing, be sure to check back often.

The Cookbooks page houses a collection of some of my favorite cookbooks. There are a ton of cookbooks out there in the world and you can find most of them in my Amazon store but these are some of my favorites for various reasons. They explore the science behind baking while others teach the specific skills such as cookie decorating, ice cream or flourless cake.

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