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Posted in Frosting, Icing and Glaze | 6 comments

Mmmm… Deliciousness. One of the cool things about buttercream is there are so many styles and flavors that really it is hard to get tired of the stuff. And really, it is so simple to make on your own. I am confident that once you try it, you will never buy the stuff in a plastic tub again.

But first, let’s learn a little about buttercream before we check out a couple recipes at the end.

Baker and Pastry Chef – Is There a difference?

Posted in Pro-Tips | 16 comments

Someone asked me recently, “Technically, what is your job title? Do you classify yourself as a pastry chef or a baker?”

“Yes. I suppose technically I am both. I can make breads from scratch as well as various types of desserts.”

Most people are familiar with the terms ‘baker’ and ‘pastry chef’ and while I believe most people are pretty confident with what a baker does, probably less are familiar with the pastry chef. (And to confuse things even more, there is the title of ‘pastry cook’ but more on that later.)

Homemade Chocolate Pudding

Posted in Mousse and Creamy Desserts | 6 comments

I like homemade chocolate pudding. The thing about homemade chocolate pudding is that really it is almost as easy to make from scratch as making it from a box. Plus when you make it from scratch there is that sense of satisfaction of doing a job well done.

Read your recipe BEFORE starting

Posted in Pro-Tips |

I always harp about the importance of a proper mise en place and just as important is to read through the instructions to make sure you understand the procedure and to double check that you have everything.

EXXXtreme Chocolate Cake

Posted in Cake | 6 comments

If you are looking for a wonderfully dense and moist chocolate cake, the EXXXtreme Chocolate Cake is worth a try. We turn the flavor up to 11 with coffee, salt and Kahlúa and enrich the texture with JELL-O instant chocolate pudding and extra eggs.

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