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About Wild Side Confections

At Wild Side Confections we believe the best part of the meal is the dessert course. Doesn’t matter if it is Tiramisu or Baked Alaska, we like the sweet stuff. And if you turn the Baked Alaska into a Bombe Alaska by lighting it on fire, all the better because dessert should not only be tasty, it might as well be fun too. Vanilla ice cream is boring.

Julia Child said, “I think everyone should have a blow torch in the kitchen” and I agree.
(Some say she said “…every woman…” but in fact it was Mary Bergin who said that. Whatever. It is still true.)

Why we are here / How we can help you

All the so called gurus say, “You gotta have a Mission Statement!” Ugh. That sounds like work and according to Facebook we have eight events to go to this week and a bunch of cakes to make but let’s do what ‘they’ say, shall we?

Wild Side Confections wants you to be a better dessert maker than you already are. We want you to be the one people call when they need a birthday cake. We want you to be the one people invite to all the hot social gatherings and happening parties and say, “Oh, and by the way, can you bring some of those amazing Berry Blue Shooting Stars JELL-O cups you brought to the house warming party for Lizzy last month?” Of course you can because you are AWESOME! Oh sure you could go to Le Cordon Bleu or apprentice for some local baker at 3am every day like Wild Side Confections founding father Troy did. Or… you could just save this site in your RSS feeder of choice and pick up some pro-tips along the way. (We recommend Feedly by the way. Just sayin’)

It doesn’t matter who you are or what skill level you are starting from. (Unless you are Duff Goldman. In that case we probably can’t teach you a thing.) A crappy looking cupcake may taste great but they say half of eating is done with the eyes so if we can teach you how to make a simple beehive instead of just slapping some frosting on with a knife like those other people do… BOOM! Your cupcake has just been turned up to 11!

So… Our Mission: To provide you, recipes, tips and tricks to become a better dessert maker than you already are and to provide you access to the tools to help you get there.

(And if you can make better desserts than those other people you are gonna have more friends. Sorry. That’s the truth. We didn’t make the rules. We just know from experience. We don’t get invited to so many events because we are so sexy. It is because we can bake. We know our place and we are cool with it.)


Who exactly is involved with Wild Side Confections?


young Troy Swezey burned hand wild side confectionsWild Side Confections was dreamt up by Pastry Chef Troy Swezey as a way to share some awesome recipes and tricks of the trade with whoever wanted to visit. Troy began his fascination with that wildy hot box in the kitchen when he was very young. As is often the case there are conflicting versions of the story though the one he likes and uses is that someone was baking something in the oven and young Troy wanted a closer look and so he leaned up against the glass on the front of the stove and burnt his little hand and arm. (Funny thing is to this day not a week goes by without at least one burn in the bakery.

Troy rekindled his passion for baking while in high school when he discovered how much fun it is to make banana bread. Plus his logic was it was ‘good for you’ since it contained bananas.

After college Troy joined the Army for an eight year tour which he spent most of in Europe and the Middle East discovering and enjoying a wide variety of styles of cooking and baking. (He often refers to these as the tiramisu or chocolate mousse years.)

blue gloves Le Cordon Bleu Las VegasLater he moved to Las Vegas and attended Le Cordon Blue, the same institution Giada De Laurentiis, Julia Child, Mario Francesco Batali and Jeff Probst attended, where Troy excelled in the pâtisserie and baking program, especially the part involving melting and liquefying sugar or as he calls it, ‘edible napalm.’

Although we are well versed at Wild Side Confections in the making of sugar free desserts and gluten free bread and cake as well as other so-called ‘healthy desserts’ you will probably not find many of them here. Another thing you will never hear at Wild Side Confections is excuses or apologies. We use real butter. We use heavy cream. We use sugar. We use a lot of all of it. Healthy desserts and sugar free stuff is all well and good but we are not into it. Just like in that most awesome movie, “Spinal Tap”, we turn it up to 11.

“But this is not helping the waistlines or the overall health of America,” some have said. We agree. The CDC recently stated that more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese. We try to live the Buddhist idea of Right Livelihood meaning not engaging in trades or occupations which, either directly or indirectly, result in harm for other living beings and at the same time we believe that carbs and fats don’t make people fat, rather eating too much carbs and fats and sitting at a desk all day and on the couch all night watching reruns of I Love Lucy makes people fat.

We at Wild Side Confections believe you should enjoy your life. We believe you should take a walk on the wild side. We believe you should enjoy dessert. At the same time we believe it may be a more skillful idea to share that dessert with a friend instead of indulging in a double portion and we believe it a good idea to go for a brisk walk or hike with that friend or some other activity to get your heart rates up for an extended period of time. Or go to a concert and jump in the mosh pit. That’s cool too. No reason to hurt yourself going all out at the gym. Just be smart about it. Control your portion size and be good to yourself.

And always remember to…

Please enjoy dessert.

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So now that you know about Troy and Wild Side Confections, the lawyers said we have to tell you a few more things:

Please check out our Disclosure Policy / Privacy Statement and Affiliate Agreements here.

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