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Egg Custard Tart

Posted in Pie and Tarts | 3 comments

Whenever I go out to dim sum, the one thing I always have to have is the egg custard tart. To me the egg custard tart is an interesting experience in each bite. It is sometimes egg-y and sometimes milk-y. Sometimes slimy. Sometimes firm. Always delicious.

Lemon curd

Posted in Mousse and Creamy Desserts | 2 comments

My buddy Susan over at Finding Our Way Now has a really nice recipe for lemon curd which you can find here. Definitely check it out. Her recipe got me to thinking about how there are so many ways to make a dessert, or anything for that matter. There are different ingredients and different procedure yet, in the end, it should be about the same.

Guinness Chocolate Walnut Cake

Posted in Cake | 8 comments

I went to the Las Vegas Highland Games and while there I spotted a chef I remembered from the year prior. He had on offer some cookbooks he had written with recipes from the eight Celtic nations; one of which is Ireland. One recipe was for Guinness Chocolate Walnut Cake.

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